Hiring A Roofing Contractor – 4 Things You Should Know

Choosing a roofing contractor takes some careful consideration, so here are four important things to remember during your search.


#1. Roofing Contractors Must Be Insured

Whether you need new roofing, roof restoration or repairs, the roofing contractor you hire must have insurance. The most important is liability insurance, which protects your property if anything is damaged during the contract. Workers compensation insurance is the next thing to check for. Having this willprotect you in the eveny any of the workers are injured on the job, while on yor property. Without this coverage, you could be liable for their injury and the subsequent costs or bills associated with it. Be sure to ask the contractor to provide documentation on insurance coverage before hiring or signing any paperwork. Any reliable roofing contractor in Garden City , MI will already expect to provide this information on potential jobs.

#2. Roofing Contractors Must Be Licensed

Anybody can claim to be an expert so you will want verification of a license to ensure that the roofing work will be done efficiently. Any injury or damage to property that occurs on the job by an unlicensed contractor will cause you significant financial problems. You will not be able to get an assistance from the Contractors Board for any complaints in this situation. Hiring a licensed professional delivers an expectation of reliability and high quality of work because they have met the qualifications of the state board. State standards for professional roofing companies are usually pretty high, so the service you get will come with a guarantee.

#3. Roofing Contractors Should Guarantee Their Work

The materials used for a roofing job will come with their manufacturers guarantee. It makes sense, therefore, that the company providing the services should come with one too. Any work done whether it is replacement or restoration should be guaranteed for at least a year. Be sure the paperwork includes guarantee against leaks and defective work or materials and make sure it is provided in writing. The hiring contract should also specify what work tasks are being done on the job. It should also be clearly stated what solutions they have in the event any unexpected situation cause a guarantee not to be met.

#4. Roofing Contractors Should Sign A Contract For Their Work.

Even the most recommended and highly reliable contractors will expect to sign a contract. The contract should include pricing, payment schedule and a date of completion for the work. Everything needs to be provided in writing; breakdown of pricing and deposit information, schedule and overall time-line. It is also wise to include the materials that will be used, specifying the brands that you agreed upon. The contractor should also be expected to include details about cleanup, both during and after the project. Have them also provide how they plan to address any unexpected changes or problems that may occur, in terms of both work required and completion date extensions.

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